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Goal-Setting for LA and Math

Lesson 1: Set for Success: the language of goal setting

ABE NRS 3-4 

Lesson Objectives:

  • Explain the attributes of a proper goal, using goal-focused vocabulary terms
  • Discuss various approaches to effective goal setting.
  • Distill their earned knowledge of goal attributes into a creation of an original Goal-Setting framework.

Lesson 1 - LA

Lesson 1 Handouts

Lesson 2: Set for Success: the math in goal setting

ABE NRS 3-4 

Lesson Objectives:

  • Break up a long-term goal metric into smaller increments of consistent progress, using operation strategies and number sense
  • Represent a plan for incremental progress visually
  • Create a progress tracking graphic using document-editing software

Lesson 2 - math

Lesson 2 Handouts

Lesson 2 Materials