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“The core advantage of data is that it tells you something about the world that you didn’t know before.”

~ Hilary Mason, data scientist and founder of Fast Forward Labs

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Click below for a living FAQ to address questions that have come up during the Data VLC. The link will open a Google Doc. You can save the document to your Google Drive for quick access by clicking File --> Add shortcut to Drive.

Data FAQ

Effective Student Orientations
September 7, 2023
Data Pathway Launch
August 3, 2023

Data Galore in FY24
July 6, 2023
Barriers to Employment
June 1, 2023
From Intake to Analysis: How Programs Collect & Use Data
May 4, 2023

Data Pathway Overview
April 6, 2023

Q & A with Dr. Kathy Olesen-Tracey
March 2, 2023

NRS Institute Recap
February 2, 2023