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Assessment Transitions Webinar 2/5/2024



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For FAQ's on the FY25 NRS Assessment Transitions, please click HERE.



**FY25 Updates for CASAS Proctors** 

​Proctor iLearn course​​​​​​

Already-trained CASAS proctors must take the above iLearn course before testing with the FY25 tests:  CASAS Reading STEPS, CASAS Listening STEPS, and/or CASAS Math GOALS 2. Note: already-trained CASAS proctors do not need to retake CASAS Implementation Training; they just need to complete the iLearn course.



CASAS STEPS: What Teachers Need to Know

This presentation provides general information for instructors about the content and format of the new FY25 CASAS Reading STEPS and Listening STEPS tests. It does NOT prepare one to administer or proctor CASAS tests.  This presentation was given on May 10, 2024 as part of the ELA Mini-Con.


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FY24 Assessment Information

Adult education programs are required to administer standardized tests given to students at entry to the program (pre-tests) and at intervals thereafter (post-tests). For FY24, programs funded by the Illinois Community College Board may choose to use the following tests for ABE/ASE learners: TABE 11 & 12 Reading and/or Math test or the CASAS GOALS Reading and/or Math test. For ESL learners, programs have a choice of BEST Literacy, BEST Plus 2.0, or CASAS Life and Work Reading.


Federal and state policy, as stated in the Assessment section of the Illinois AEL Provider Manual, requires that all staff administering the approved assessments must be properly trained. Therefore, it is vital that all adult educators who administer the approved standardized student assessments receive the appropriate training.


For information on TABE 11&12 and CASAS GOALS, please click HERE.


For information on CASAS Life and Work Reading, BEST Plus 2.0, and BEST Literacy, click HERE.


For a brief overview of each type of assessment, you can click here to review the assessment section in the Orientation to Adult Education for Instructors course. 

The Illinois Assessment Hub is available to support programs with remote test capacity and test scheduling needs of students. Visit the Assessment Hub page HERE for information about remote test eligibility and the test referral process.