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IACEA (Illinois Adult and Continuing Educators Association)

The mission of IACEA is to provide leadership, representation and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners in order to advance, unify and professionalize the field.

This professional, not-for-profit corporation is governed by an Executive Board the organizational structure of which consists of the statewide officers and two directors from each of five geographic regions. The statewide officers are President-Elect, President, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President for Regions, Vice-President for Divisions, and the Junior and Senior Chairs of the Four Divisions – Administration, Support Services, Instruction and Curriculum: Basic and Secondary, and Instruction and Curriculum: ESL. The association has the following Standing Committees: Membership, Nominations and Elections, Annual Conference, Marketing, Legislative, Finance, Awards, Bylaws, and Scholarship. Special committees are formed in response to association needs. This year we have the following functioning Special Committees – Awareness Day and GED Testing. There is also a Council of Presidents that provides support and advice to the President upon request.


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ITBE (llinois TESOL-BE)

llinois TESOL-BE (ITBE) is a professional, nonprofit organization which:

  • Promotes scholarship and professional interest
  • Disseminates information
  • Supports research and instruction in the teaching of standard English to speakers of other languages or dialects and in bilingual education
  • Cooperates with other groups and organizations having similar concerns.  

Its members are teachers, students, administrators, researchers, curriculum developers, tutors, volunteers, parents, consultants, editors and other interested individuals. It was established in 1970 as the Illinois affiliate of TESOL International Association. Each year, Illinois TESOL-BE offers a two-day convention, a Fall Workshop, and a Spring Workshop. Members also receive a quarterly newsletter.


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COABE (Coalition on Adult Basic Education)

COABE’s mission is to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. We provide leadership, professional development, advocacy, and communication services that encourage greater consciousness and cultural competency in our interactions with teachers, administrators, adult learners, and our partners. We are committed to using our platform and influence to celebrate, engage with, and listen to all adult education communities and diverse voices of our field.


The Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) is the leading national organization representing the US system of adult education. COABE provides award winning leadership, communication, professional development, and advocacy services to more than 79,000 adult educators and 1.5 million adult learners. Known as an innovation curator, our diverse, internationally acclaimed strategic initiatives have propelled the field forward in funding, visibility, and professional development. Our dynamic, multi level, cross sectoral partnerships are showcased annually at the COABE national conference, which is the largest convening of adult educators in the world.


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TESOL International Association

ESOL International Association (TESOL) advances professional expertise in English language teaching to speakers of other languages in multilingual contexts worldwide through professional learning, research, standards, and advocacy.  is the trusted global authority for knowledge and expertise in English language teaching. TESOL has over 100 affiliates worldwide, and its members are 50% from the United States and 50% from other countries. TESOL publishes books, articles, research publications, and blogs. In addition, the association holds an annual convention in the U.S. or Canada attended by thousands of educators, advocates, exhibitors and others. Chicago has hosted the TESOL convention twice!


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