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Instructors are invited to join a Virtual Learning Community (VLC) focused on retention titled Helping Students Stay. We understand students face barriers to retention that are outside our control, so this collaborative PD opportunity will address issues that instructors CAN influence. The moment instructors receive their class rosters, they can begin asking themselves, “What can I do to retain my students?” This VLC cohort will provide instructors with a foundation in recent research on adult education persistence and guide them as they consider both their own student retention data and practical strategies they can apply to improve those retention rates. This Virtual Learning Community will give instructors a chance to converse with peers, learn and apply strategies for retaining students, and feel connected while collaborating with others!


Each participant must commit to completing all of the Virtual Learning Community cohort components in sequence, for a total of 5 hours of PD. 


Watch the PDN Pulse for registration information for upcoming cohorts. See below for a sample schedule for a cohort. 


Any questions? Contact Anita Kerr at aj-kerr3@wiu.edu or Amber Fornaciari at aj-fornaciari@wiu.edu