excellence in adult education




  • Read and comprehend informational texts at their appropriate level of complexity
  • Understand and use technology and demonstrate an understanding of the features of a computer and network interfaces and use them efficiently, without assistance
  • Explore a variety of technology resources to complete learning tasks
  • Demonstrate a command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking
  • Engage effectively in discussions and be able to recount main ideas and supporting details of a text
  • Define allele & explain the difference between dominant & recessive alleles and give an example
  • Distinguish between genotypes & phenotypes
  • Describe why children are neither genetically nor phenotypically identical to their parents
  • Create a Punnett Square and predict traits passed from parents to children

Keywords: Allele, Chromosomes, DNA, Dominant, Genotype, Recessive, Probability, Trait

Lesson Plan